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The Frugal Oenophile's Winegrape Primer

With 100s -- make that 1000s -- of different winegrapes currently available on store shelves, it's impossible for the average wine buyer to make sense of it all. There are the standards: Chardonnay, Cabernet, Shiraz, etc., but what if you want a change? What if you want to discover more of the fabulous variety of wines that have satisified palates for more than two millenia?

The Winegrape Primer is conveniently pocket-sized and covers 250 grapes and wine styles. Each entry includes a short profile of the grape, its history, its sensory characteristics, plus food matching suggestions. The Primer also includes extensive cross-references plus a simplified guide to Old World wine regions.

Given today’s fast pace of life, general state of information overload, and global wine market, this book is just the thing to help you quickly look up a grape or wine, even while shopping for wine. The Primer is nicely priced, and it makes a good companion volume for the Wine Lexicon.

  • 250 grapes and wines covered, from Airen to Zweigeltrebe, in non-technical language
  • Succinct intros to grapes, viticulture and wine classifications
  • Food matching suggestions for each grape or wine style
  • Overview of Old World wine regions and quick guide to naming conventions
  • Glossary of Oenological Terms
  • Handy pocket size

Here's a sample from the book:

Dolcetto (dohl-CHEH-toh)    Variety
Although the name Dolcetto means "little sweet one", the wines are mainly dry, often substantial, and perhaps the ideal every day wine. Almost exclusive to Italy, the grape grows in some of the least promising areas of Piedmont. Sometimes compared to Beaujolais, but somewhat richer, it is usually bottled as a varietal, with Dolcetto d'Alba being one of the best known. Enjoy it in its youth as it does not age well.
Descriptors  Highly coloured with a purplish hue. Very fruity and fragrant with aromas of bitter cherry, chocolate and licorice. Lightly tannic, good body and concentrated, with a bit of a bite.
Food Matches    Antipasti, cold cuts, stuffed peppers, mozzarella, white truffle, pizza, pasta with red sauce, poultry, light meats, risotto, fontina.


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