Wine Appreciation Through Education

Fables, Adventures and Misconceptions

"The most unique wine book ever written "

        • Never has a wine book been so ‘user friendly’
        • Cuts through the mystery, mythology and bafflegab
        • It will change the way you think about wine

This revolutionary wine book is a radical departure from the usual wine book formulas. Rather than following the standard approach to wine education -- describing grapes, delineating regions, and summarizing wine regulations -- the book simply tells a story of wine discovery.

I found that the usual routine wasn’t working for me and, because I’ve been a teacher most of my life, I simply set up my own program of instruction and discovery. The plot line is loosely based my own journey to educate myself about wine.

Aimee and Christian, the central characters in this educational novel, are a young couple who are interested in wine and want to learn more, but don't know where to start. To their surprise and delight, they discover that their new neighbour, William Kensington, is a noted wine writer and educator (Ch. 1). William takes the couple on as his students, and then escorts them through as many facets of the wine experience as will comfortably fit into nine chapters.

Join Aimee, Christian and William as they explore basic wine styles (Ch. 2, 3), visit a working winery (Ch. 4), spend an evening ‘nose training’ (Ch. 5), visit a wine show (Ch. 6), spend an evening with a wine maker (Ch. 7), visit the cellar of a wine collector (Ch. 8), and prepare for a party by selecting wines to match a gourmet menu (Ch. 9).

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“A marvellous way to discover wine” - Kate Jones, education consultant

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