Wine Appreciation Through Education

The Frugal Oenophile's Revolutionary

Wine Style Trios Wheel

The Wine Style Wheel is a visual and intuitive way to discover more than 120 of the most popular table wines. The strategy begins with what you, the wine buff, already understand by using six “archetypal” wines and stylistic descriptors, and grouping wines with similar characteristics.

The Wheel guides the user through wine styles by focusing on flavour profile rather than grape variety or region, and builds on the drinker's established knowledge and preferences. You can “enter” the Wheel at any point. Start with one of the six basic wines, or approach it from that wine’s Style Group or look for wines you already enjoy to identify which group(s) you’re partial to. Most wine drinkers will quickly pick one or two groups that contain the wines they most enjoy, and then look for others to try in that group.

Whether you’re new to wine or a hardened cellar rat, the Wheel will help you maximize your enjoyment and understanding of wine while removing much of the guess work and minimizing disappointment by consistently directing you to wines they are more likely to enjoy.

Laminated for long life: $10.95

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